Categories of software testing

Categories of Testing Functional Non Functional Maintenance Functional Testing¬†: It is a type of black box testing where internal structure is rarely considered and functions are tested by giving inputs and the outputs are examined by comparing it with the expected results.It describes the purpose of the system. This type of testing makes sure that… read more »

Different types of Software Testing

Software testing is a procedure to check whether the expected results match to the actual results of the code.In testing.It is made sure that code doesn’t have any semantic or syntax errors. Any gaps , missing code or requirements are identified. For example :¬†Consider a source code to add two numbers.If I give input of… read more »

Methods of Software Testing

Methods of testing Manual Automated Manual testing : It is done by testers and developers.Refer to Fig 1 for the steps followed in manual testing. Automation testing : It is done by software systems.Refer to Fig 2 for the steps followed in Automation testing. Differences between Manual and Automation testing : Refer to Fig 3