Installation of Java on MAC OS

In order to install Java on MAC OS we need to follow some steps. Here are the things required :

  • Install JRE
  • Install JDK
  • Install IDE

Install JRE

  • Download JRE. Go to Google search engine and search for jre 8. See Fig 1.
Fig 1 : Search for jre8


  • Click on Java SE Runtime Environment 8 - Downloads - Oracle (Fig 2).
Fig 2

Clicking on the link will open up oracle website from where we can choose jre depending on the operating system we are using and our requirements (Fig 3).

Fig 3


Accept License Agreement. Since I have a Mac OS 64 bit so i will choose and  Mac OS X x64 74.58MB (Fig 4).Click the related specified link.

Fig 4


The dmg file will be downloaded into the computer. Open Downloads to see the file(Fig 5).

Fig 5

Click on the file. Double click on the icon as shown in Fig 6.

Fig 6

A popup will appear as Fig 7. Click on Open.

Fig 7



Install JDK

After jre 8 has been installed, download jdk 8 matching the version of jre we have got i.e. jre 8. Google jdk 8 (Fig 8).Download JDK. JDK stands for Java development kit and it’s a environment that can be used to develop Java applications and Java Environment. The contents of JDK are:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Interpreter/Loader (java)
  • A compiler (javac)
  • An archiver (jar)
  • A documentation generator (javadoc)
  • Some other tools needed in Java development.


Fig 8

Click on the first link (Fig 9).

Fig 9


Accept License Agreement and click on link related to Mac oS X x64 (Fig 10).

Fig 10

A dmg file will be downloaded into the computer. Open Downloads (Fig 11)  to see and click on jdk dmg file.

Fig 11

Double click on icon to install jdk 8 (Fig 12).

Fig 12

Click on Continue (Fig 13).

Fig 13

Click on Install (Fig 14).

Fig 14
Fig 15


Click on Close and jdk 8 is installed on your Mac. 🙂


Install Eclipse(IDE)

Nowadays many Integrated Development Environment(IDE) are available in the industry. Some of them are Eclipse, Eclipse 2, NetBeans and Android Studio etc. For further articles and posts I am going to use Eclipse 2 as a reference to write and run Java files. IDE contains :

  • A code editor
  • A compiler/Interpreter
  • Debugger

Google eclipse ide for java developers (Fig 16).

Fig 16

Click on Eclipse IDE for Java developers| Packages link. Click on 'here' .  (Fig 17).


Fig 17


Click on Eclipse IDE for Java developers (Fig 18).

Fig 18


Click on orange Download button (Fig 19).

Fig 19


Click on Download 64 bit Get Eclipse Oxygen (Fig 20).

Fig 20


Fig 21


Install eclipse by following subsequent steps and you are ready to write and run Java programs 🙂

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