while loops

While loop is another type of loops that can be used in Java. We put the condition first and then according to the condition, the subsequent statement is executed. Let’s see syntax of while loop: while(condition) { /*Statement to be executed;*/ /*iteration;*/ } Program to print multiples of 3 between range 3-100. package practice_udemy_java; public… read more »

Loop Control Statements

Loop Control Statements alter  execution of a program from the normal execution sequence.The statements are as follows break continue goto break statement break statement terminates the execution of loop immediately ineffective of the condition status.The control is transferred to the first statement after the loop block.If break statement is used in nested loops      (Refer : Nesting of Loops) then innermost loop is… read more »

Nesting of loops

Loops can be nested if required.Nesting means to have one or more loops inside the main loop. Syntax of nested for loops for(initialization;condition;iteration) { for(……) { for(…) {… } ……. } } Syntax of nested while loops while(condition) { ….. while(condition) { …….. } …. } Syntax of nested do-while loop do { statements; …… read more »

do-while loop

The functionality of do-while is slightly different from while and for loop.The condition of do-while is at the bottom of loop and it executes at least once even if the condition is false.The initialization of a variable loop is done before the loop block. Syntax do { set_of_statements; } while(condition);   Example 1 Say we… read more »

while loop

While loop keeps on executing the given statements as long as the condition is true.When the condition  turns out to be false then set of statements in the block never gets executed and the control goes to first line after the while block. Syntax while(condition) { set_of_statements; iteration statement; } If the condition is true,then set… read more »

for loop

Loops are control structures that are used to execute a code several times.There may be situation when we need to print series from 1-100 or we need to print our name 1000 times on screen.It will be inappropriate to use 100 or thousand  times printf for this scenario.Loops can be used to efficiently perform the task as… read more »