while loops

While loop is another type of loops that can be used in Java. We put the condition first and then according to the condition, the subsequent statement is executed. Let’s see syntax of while loop: while(condition) { /*Statement to be executed;*/ /*iteration;*/ } Program to print multiples of 3 between range 3-100. package practice_udemy_java; public… read more »

For Loops

It’s easy and quick to print a name one time or two times. But what if we want to print same name 1000 times? What if we want to print a table of a number? What if we want to print a similar pattern again and again? In order to solve these questions and in… read more »

Strings in Java

String is a non primitive data type in Java. Non primitive refers to an object i.e it refers to a memory location where data is stored and are created by programmers. String is a type of object that can hold text. Syntax to write String String myName = “Hi! Jack.”; String is a class and… read more »

Variables and Data Types in Java

Variable is a kind of box that stores value. This box or space is a part of memory that contains data value. Before declaring and initializing variables let us see some rules to write them. Rules to write Variable names in Java It is always better to choose a  name that describes the purpose of… read more »

How to write Java Program

In order to write Java code, use any of the IDE’s available. Create a project say “sample” and then create a class say “DemoPrint” in IDE. By convention the class names should be nouns with each internal word capitalized. In java, code is written inside a class. Let’s say we want to print a statement… read more »

What is Java and How It Works

Java is one of the very important and commonly used programming languages in the industry. It’s a free, secure and reliable and fast platform. Most of the applications and websites work only if java is installed in the computer. For example : It is used in websites like Google Drive, bank websites, Android apps, trading… read more »

Installation of Java on MAC OS

In order to install Java on MAC OS we need to follow some steps. Here are the things required : Install JRE Install JDK Install IDE Install JRE Download JRE. Go to Google search engine and search for jre 8. See Fig 1.   Click on Java SE Runtime Environment 8 – Downloads – Oracle… read more »