Categories of software testing

Categories of Testing

  • Functional
  • Non Functional
  • Maintenance

Functional Testing : It is a type of black box testing where internal structure is rarely considered and functions are tested by giving inputs and the outputs are examined by comparing it with the expected results.It describes the purpose of the system. This type of testing makes sure that each function of the code meets the requirement.For example : Testing calculator application will involve checks like whether addition,subtraction , multiplication , division etc. are working accurately or not. Fig below tells about some of the types of Functional Testing.

Fig 1 : Types of Functional Testing
Fig 1 : Types of Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing : It is a type of testing to check non functional aspects of software application.By non functional aspects, I mean the way the system works that includes reliability, performance , usability. For example : A non functional test could be to check how many people can simultaneously login into library management system. Fig below tells us about some of the types of Non Functional Testing.

Fig 2: Types of Non Functional Testing
Fig 2: Types of Non Functional Testing

Maintenance Testing : It is done on already deployed software.It consists of two parts :

  • If a software is updated or enhanced this testing makes sure that everything stays in place and does not effect the output of the system.
  • Regression tests are done to prove that changes has not effected the rest of the system.

For example : If some changes are made in the format and type of exam in the  Online examination system, the maintenance testing will make sure that examination system is working accurately and other components like duration of exam are undisturbed.

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